Rwanda Chapel

Location: Rukomo, Rwanda
Year: 2019
Type: Competition 
Status: Second Prize
Materials: Wood and Thatch

Competition Website:︎


This was a competition organised by the YAC, with Jury including Peter Eisenmen, Eduardo Souto De Moura and Tatiana Bilbao among others.

The challenge of this project is to provide a beacon for the community while remaining humble and rooted in it's context. PLATFORM refrains from over abstraction, choosing instead to take you on a spiritual journey through materials and the landscape. The chapel itself trades formal complexity for an honest expression of structure and material. The use of wood conveys a sense of light and openness while immediately elevating it from the current brick vernacular. A modern thatched roof connects it to the grand tradition of buildings in Rwanda's past. The elegant public plaza/atrium extends from the chapel, flanked by protective aisles that expands the presence of the chapel and provides a defined area for the congregation to grow. All this contributes to making this project a PLATFORM for the community to gather and grow, not an insular building that divides those inside from the world outside.

这个设计的理念就是要避免抽象的形体,要人们从建筑材料和周边的的环境里去找到它的灵魂。教堂本身采用了开放式的木制结构,整体的结构和建材都一览无余。木头梁柱,给人一种开阔和明亮的视觉,相对比周边的自盖砖房有极大的提升。 这个建筑的巧妙之处是在它的连廊。这个小巧连廊可以在不扩大建筑体量的前提提供更大的空间感受。教堂的屋顶是传统的的茅草顶。它和卢旺达优秀建筑传统,美妙的融合在一起。 教堂并不只是一个宗教集会场所,公众集会中心式的设计,扩展了教堂的单一功能。教堂两侧的预留通道,为将来更多人参加集会,留下了空间。所有这些对教堂的设计,都源于于这个思想:这不是一个隔离型的建筑。 它要让人们聚集在一起,要让人们扩大交流,而不是把人群和外部的世界分割开。