Inhabiting Darkness

Location: Barcelona, Spain.
Year: 2010
Type: Concept
Status: Concept
Materials: Terracota Tiles, Steel

The building houses a diverse range of programs, but the form was kept simple with small flourishes of flamboyance where necessary. This way the building is graceflly infused into the urban fabric rather than being confrontational with its surroundings. By lifting the building on thin triangular sectioned columns, the park continues into the site, thus extending the urban fabric and blurring the line between the built fabric and its surrounding. The thin columns themselves are like a thin veil that further intergrates the  seperate elements of the building into a coherent hybridized state. There is an rock climbing wall on the outside of the building to communicate the nature of the building without signage.

The sunken plaza connects the pool to the above public spaces. It is also an amphitheatre for public performance or outdoor cinema. It also provides natural lighting to the pool and is the ideal place for sun bathers.
The Dali inspired element connects the building and the urban fabric. The Building stretches to the ground and the ground raises up in anticipation.

The amphitheatre provides space to watch street performers, or a FCB football match on the big screen while you sun bathe in front of the pool The ground floor plan illustrates the openness of the ground plane. The only large elements being the temporary floating boxes that change according to functional needs. A strong connection with El Raval Park is created through this transparency.